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Two sets of Solar cells drive motors mounted at the rear, diagonally opposite. Light from the sun powers the motors. Light falling on one more than the other turns the fish to face the light source. The fish will forever seek the sun…fish read more


Bio uses a BBC Master computer to read Psychogalvanometer to switch audio and images. Different emotional states trigger images and audio to change the users emotional state…

bio2 bio0003


ID consisted of:

  • Finger print etched into copper panel played by peizo transducer glove.
  • Finger print light box read by Spectrum digitiser. Dynamically changing digital image displayed on screen.
  • Finger print recorded onto magnetic sheet played by tape head glove.
  • read more

    Bells for North Northampton

    Audio piece for the homophobic church on Northampton High St. Processed sounds from shortwave radio reception of the World Service St Martin in the Fields bells.

    Everyday the church would play recording s of church bells through their grotesque bell tower of megaphones. The piece, now lost, was broadcast once after some rather negative reception. read more

    Structural Amnesia

    Installation some time in 1984 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

    Inspired by the rewriting, relocation and transplantation of the ‘Cloisters’, St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church, from Sacramenia in Segovia, Spain to New York. read more