Normal Services…

Back in 1984 this was my degree show.

ZX81, solenoids from the Ark Royal, 5 reel to reel tape decks, 70m tape loop, pressure mats, 20 speakers and 200m of grey wire. I/O box programmed to switch between the systems. read more

Doppler Reel to Reel

Rotating armatures holding a speaker and a microphone powered by the tape loop.

Feeding of its own feedback the audio constructs melodic rhythms of phased feedback sounds.



Tree Monitor

Sliding potentiometers change the buzz of the three oscillators. Hung between 2 trees and the ground wind movement generates a shifting wail…



Mucus Toy Band

The Mucus Toy Band at Sound Week.


Soraya Basma, Dug Hedges, Chris Garratt, Nicky ONeal, Mike Phillips.

A selection of Jazz favourites on plastic toy clarinets and saxophones.